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Huckepack Wrap Tai


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New-Hipbelt for the Huckepack Onbuhimo

The Huckepack Onbuhimo hipbelt can be used on every Huckepack Onbuhimo and convert the carrier into a Full Buckle.There are  2 possibilties to use the hipbelt. For the first version, seen on the left side, the carrier is used like an Onbuhimo and the hipbelt is just added.For the 2. version the stripe on the bottom of the panel is turned down and built together with the external hipbelt,the hipbelt for the Full Buckle.Using the 2. version,more weight will be on your hips.

Custom made Huckepack carriers

Huckepack Onbuhimo made from a Kindsknopf wrap.

Huckepack Full Buckle made from the Girasol Boy&Girl and cord in kiwi.

Huckepack Full Buckle made from the Colimacon chocolate,with black straps/hipbelt.

Huckepack Onbuhimo made from The Girasol Nr.25 and purple cord.

Huckepack Full Buckle made from the Girasol Primavera and cord in acquamarin.

Huckepack Onbuhimo made from the Girasol Nr.26 and cord in pink.

Huckepack Half Buckle made from the Colimacon red,with black straps/hipbelt.
Huckepack Mei Tai made from the Colimacon nature,with blue straps/hipbelt.

Huckepack Full Buckle and Onbuhimo